Laura Gideon M.S.

“After several years of being away from playing Tennis I wanted to get started again and felt that taking lessons was the best way to begin the process. Dial was highly recommended to me by a client of mine who is an avid tennis player for 30 years and has been getting instruction from Dial. Being athletic, in addition to a Pilates/Fitness Trainer for many years, my body has suffered some injury and needed to work within that boundary. I am also of a competitive mindset and like to push myself sometimes beyond my physical boundaries. 

What I LOVE about Dial, is his ability to assess a players level, take in consideration of physical boundaries and a players strengths and weaknesses. He educates his clients on proper form and builds a strong foundation for which to build on. He instructs in a very clear concise way to get improvement from his students while making the lesson time a lot of fun. His knowledge and passion of tennis is obvious and he cares about each student as if they were his only student that day (even if you are his last lesson). Dial has given me excitement about playing tennis and the confidence to play the best I can play every time I am out of the court. Thanks so much Dial!!!”

Michael Cheung

“This may be my first testimonial. I think it’s totally unnecessary. Half an hour with Dial will tell you all you need to know. His passion for helping people learn real tennis is self-evident. He loves the sport and wants to share that. It was important for me that my kids develop proper technique. I have seen Dial work with my elementary school-age children and students of all ages. He has a remarkable ability to analyze and convey stroke nuances in an age-appropriate manner.”

Del Hunter-White

“I’m originally from Oklahoma. Tennis didn’t exist in my world until I moved to Los Angeles in 1991. I became addicted to watching The Williams’ Sisters do their thing on the international tennis circuit. After several years of being a “couch potato tennis player” I decided to explore the possibility of actually playing. Being a true Virgo, I believe in excelling in everything I pursue. In that regard, I needed to find the perfect tennis coach. I decided to do some personal research. I visited several tennis courts and observed a few coaches working with their clients. I took a few lessons, no one clicked. Then one day after yet another disappointing lesson. I walked by a court and saw this guy working with a 5 year old boy. He was patient, present, encouraging and knowledgeable. I decided if he could work with this kid, perhaps he can see if this middle-aged woman has “game.”

That guy was Dial Jones. We clicked from day one. I had never held a racquet in my life. I found out that I had excellent hand/eye coordination. He taught me everything I know about tennis and helped me uncover my “inner Serena”. I’m no longer a “couch potato tennis player”, I’m on the court and having the time of my life. I’m very grateful to Dial for helping me discover a sport I can play well into my golden years. “

Scott Flora

“I’ve been working with Dial on my game for the last few years. He’s an amazing teacher with an infectious excitement for tennis. He’s addressed every aspect of my game, physical and mental, improved each part that needed help and has taken me from a tentative, average player to a confident, solid competitor.

Dial knows my game and swing and his eye for what may be off in my technique always impresses me, no other instructor I’ve worked with comes close.

I can’t recommend him enough for all player levels and always look forward to my Friday sessions with “coach” Dial!”